Why sell your MacBook to Money 4 My Tech?

Here at Money 4 My Tech, we aim to give you a great experience every time. We want to assure you we give a fast, hassle free, customer-friendly option to dispose of your old or unwanted tech.

There could be a number of reasons why you would wish to sell your MacBook. It may be that you have upgraded to a newer model, or your MacBook is broken, or damaged. It may even simply be that you no longer use your device, and you just want some quick extra cash.

Whatever the reason, here are just a few reasons to use our services:

  • Fast payments – We aim to pay the same day as we receive your tech into us, for all items received before 2pm. For orders received after this time, your payment may be sent the next working day.
  • Price promise – We fully understand that you want to get the best price for your MacBook. That is why unlike some other websites, we guarantee that the amount you have been quoted, is the same amount as you will receive. All we ask is that you read the condition descriptions to make sure that you have accurately described your device before creating an order.
  • Multiple shipping options with free postage – We want to give you a range of simple options to make sure your tech gets to us as fast and as a safe as possible.
  • Quote/price beat - We aim to give you the best price for your device. We are constantly checking our prices, making sure we stay highly competitive. If you have found a better price elsewhere for your MacBook, please contact us to see if we can match or better the quote. Terms and condition apply.
  • Thousands of happy customers – Please check out our trust pilot reviews. We have processed hundreds of thousands of devices since 2016, with many happy customers. A large number of those even choose to come back to us multiple times over, and we strive to keep our customers for life.
  • Full data wipe with certification - We employ industry-leading data wiping techniques to erase your MacBook. This will ensure that 100% of your data will be fully erased, with full certification provided on request.
  • Large database of MacBooks – Our website gives you a large selection of MacBook’s to choose to sell from. Our fast, simple selection finder means you should have no trouble in finding your device from the list.
  • Secure website – Our website and services are fully secure. Each and every device sold to us, be it a laptop, MacBook, tablet or smartphone are individually processed through our system. We fully protect every bit of your personal information, and permanently erase all customer data.
  • Protect our environment – Our desire to recycle tech is driven by our company mission to protect the natural environment by reducing e-waste. We guarantee that all tech will be reused and repurposed where possible, and any unusable units or parts are recycled in the best possible manner.
  • Donate to charity – You can choose to donate the payment for your old or unwanted MacBook to our chosen charity partners.