Office & Bulk Computer & IT Equipment Disposal & Recycling

At, our website is intended for consumers to sell small volumes of devices, but if your organisation has more than 5 devices, then we still want to hear from you! Our bulk sales service offers an efficient and safe method to liquidate stock or redundant assets. Collection, erasure and recycling is free, plus we will pay you a great price for the items.

Due to the additional logistics, regulation and labour time involved with bulk sales and corporate asset disposal, we cannot offer exactly the same prices, fees, and turnaround time as we would to consumer users. Prices paid are still very competitive, and one of the highest in the industry. For collections over 50 items, we can often accept additional items not currently listed on our website, such as printers and desktop computers.

This will be handled in a personal manner directly with you via telephone and email. Our friendly, helpful staff aim to save your organisation time and hassle.

Why leave IT equipment on the shelf or pay for it to be taken away when you could earn money using our simple IT asset disposal service?

Office IT equipment quickly becomes obsolete as regular software upgrades require ever more powerful hardware to run on. Every business has old computers and electronic equipment that is no longer fit for purpose either because it has stopped working or has been upgraded to a later model. When technology reaches the end of its usable life, it is often put away in a cupboard or left on a shelf and forgotten.

Money 4 My Tech ensure that you maximise the value of your old IT hardware by offering a safe and secure way of reselling, recycling or disposing of it. Our IT Asset Disposal services deal with bulk computer and IT equipment including:

  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets

For larger projects with 50 plus items we also take:

  • Desktop PCs
  • Servers
  • Networking equipment
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Photocopiers

We provide a one-stop managed solution. The steps for this service are as follows:

  • Simply provide our team with some details of what your organisation would like to sell (a spreadsheet is best)
  • We will give you a highly competitive bulk price quote for your stock (assets)
  • If you're happy to go ahead, we will arrange a collection date that is suitable for you.
  • All devices received are thoroughly inspected to ensure that we pay you the best price possible
  • Payment will be sent to your organisation via Bank Transfer or PayPal
  • Devices will be securely erased and certificates of erasure can be provided free of charge.

Computer Equipment Disposal

Computer components such as batteries and computer monitors contain toxins that are bad for the environment if they find their way into the ecosystem. Money 4 My Tech operate in full accordance with the WEEE directive which was introduced in Europe in 2002 to reduce the environmental impact of end of life electronic equipment. When we dispose of computer equipment we provide a guarantee that it will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

We guarantee that your data is secure and any information that you have collected on your IT equipment is securely destroyed.We ensure that you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which requires that all redundant PCs, laptops and servers that hold personal data are safeguarded to prevent the loss of sensitive information. Our secure computer disposal process will ensure that you have an audit trail and we will issue a certificate of destruction so that you can demonstrate compliance with all data regulation laws.

Office IT Equipment Recycling

Every year over 2 million tonnes of electronic equipment is thrown away in the UK. Much of this e-waste has some residual value if it were to be refurbished or recycled. We ensure that any office IT equipment that has any residual value is either recycled or reused to help reduce your business’s environmental impact. Any equipment that we are able to repair can either be deployed within your organisation, resold or donated to charity. Where possible we will advise if spare parts such as hard drives and memory cards can be used in other devices. If there is no value in repairing the IT equipment it will be decommissioned and recycled.

Who needs Electronic Waste Removal & Recycling Services?

The decision to upgrade your old IT equipment often depends on what it is being used for. As computer hardware ages the cost savings of keeping hold of old equipment begin to be outweighed by the benefits of upgrading. Slow running IT equipment that is prone to crashing prevents your people from being as efficient as possible and ultimately costs your business money through lost productivity.

Software upgrades are a common reason to review the capacity of existing hardware to determine whether it meets the software vendor’s minimum requirements. Many businesses maintain a regular schedule for upgrading IT equipment. PCs and laptops will often be replaced every four years as they require more power to run more system hungry software. Network equipment and server hardware typically have a longer life-span of five to seven years.

Signs that you need to replace existing technology include:

  • PCs, laptops and servers running non-supported operating systems
  • Hardware is no longer supported by the manufacturer or is out of warranty
  • Cost of repairing and maintaining equipment is greater than the cost of replacement
  • Staff complain of frequent crashes or slow systems which harm productivity

Ex-lease and redundant computer equipment

We collect and recycle your ex-rental IT equipment such as notebooks, laptops, mobile phones and iPads. We securely wipe data and either re-market or recycle your surplus equipment. You receive cash or can reinvest in replacement hardware.

What are the benefits of disposing of your bulk electronic waste in an environmentally sustainable way?

  • Save money - the resale value of your IT equipment and the value of any components that are reused can be reinvested in new equipment or other areas of the business.
  • Piece of mind - you can be assured that all the whole IT asset disposal process of equipment collection, decommissioning and data destruction is tracked, recorded and certified by our qualified team.
  • Help people in your local community - IT equipment that is at the end of its useful business life can often still be used in schools, charities and people that may not otherwise be able to afford a computer.
  • Conserve natural resources - precious metals and components containing steel, plastic and glass from old IT equipment can be used to manufacture new equipment which helps to save our precious natural resources.
  • Save the environment - harmful toxins such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Beryllium that are found in your computer components can cause cancers, brain and kidney damage to living species if they find their way into the ecosystem.
  • Free up space in your office - office space is a valuable commodity, as is a professional and polished office environment for your staff and visitors.

Why choose Money 4 Your Tech as your IT equipment disposal company?

  • Money 4 My Tech have a fully managed IT asset disposal service that will ensure you understand the value of your IT equipment and help you make the best decisions as to whether to recycle, reuse or disposed of it.
  • We will provide a full inventory of your equipment that will enable you to evaluate the total value of your technology against the cost of safe and secure computer disposal. We will give you a clear understanding of your current IT investment and the market value of your equipment making it easier to budget for future technology purchases. We work with a network of partners who are able to offer the best value for second-hand office IT equipment.
  • We use industry leading software to remove potentially sensitive data and provide full documentation and proof that your business is complying with environmental and data protection laws and regulations.

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