Money 4 My Tech Price Promise

Our promise to our customers - We will pay you the full quoted amount fast or send your tech back for FREE

Unlike some other websites, here at Money 4 My Tech, we guarantee that the amount you have been quoted, is the same amount as you will receive.

All we ask is that you read the condition descriptions carefully to make sure that you have accurately described your device before creating an order.

If you have any doubt about the conditions of your device, then please do not hesitate to contact us via email to or by phone on 0330 2230 755.

Our instant quote price we offer is based on the conditions and specs that you select.

We also understand that sometimes occasionally, we find that the item can differ from what was selected when you placed the order.

The device could have different specs, or a different condition description, or could perhaps be a different make or model.

If this happens, we would then send you a revised offer for your tech via email, be it an increase or decrease in price. You then have 7 days to choose to either accept or decline the offer.

If you choose to accept the offer then you do not need to do any more, the payment will then be processed for the order to you (usually on the same day). If you choose to decline the offer, our team will contact you to arrange a return of your device to you FREE of charge.

If for any reason you do not manage to get back to us with an answer to a revised offer quote within the 7-day period, we may process the revised offer payment for the order as normal to your provided payment option.

Best price guarantee: Customers may submit a "price request" to exceed the price offered by a competing website, for an item they wish to sell via Money 4 My Tech. This can be achieved by calling or emailing our customer service team.