Sell My Mobile Phone Online

How to Sell Your Mobile Phone Online on Money4MyTech

With the end of subsidised contracts the most cost effective way to upgrade your mobile phone is to sell the old one. Whether you are looking to trade-in your mobile for a newer model or want to cash in, our simple process makes it incredibly easy to sell your device and quickly get your money. Follow the simple steps below or click here for further details.

  1. From the homepage select the type of device from the options available
  2. Choose your make and model
  3. Click “Trade in now”
  4. Tell us the condition of your laptop
  5. Accept the quote
  6. Erase personal data
  7. Send us your laptop
  8. Get paid

The service is completely free and there are no hidden charges involved when selling any device. There are multiple options for how you wish to be paid (Bank Transfer, Cheque, PayPal), and its super easy to get your laptop sent to us using our free post or courier services.


Need help to get you started?

Read our guide below for everything you need to know about selling your mobile online.

1. How to identify your mobile phone make and model

Android phones

Many but not all Android phones will have the name of the manufacturer on the back of the handset. To find out which model you have go to the Settings or Options menu and scroll down to the About phone option. This assumes that you didn’t change the name of the phone when you set it up. If you did look for the Model number, type it into Google and your make and model will be shown on any number of websites.


To find out which one you own look for the model or ‘A’ number on the back. Type this number into Google to find out which model you have. Alternatively:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to your Apple ID/iCloud profile photo
  • Scroll down to your Devices
  • Go to where it says ‘your’ iPhone
  • Go to Device Info where you will see your iPhone model

2. How long should my mobile last?

Smartphones typically last for 2-3 years. On average people upgrade their phones every 22 months, beyond this they start to look outdated, slow down and show signs of wear and tear. The three most common reasons for upgrading are: deteriorating battery life, outdated operating systems and broken screens.

Deteriorating battery life

As phones get faster and more powerful, they require better batteries but all batteries degrade over time. Most smartphone manufacturers say that their batteries will take 300-500 charges. After this time the battery can’t hold as much charge and will begin to keep your phone charged up for increasingly shorter periods. When your phone is running out of juice in less than a day it’s a sign that you need to upgrade.

Outdated operating system

Apple provide operating system updates for their devices for about five years after the release date. For example, with the release of iOS 11 in June 2017 Apple dropped support for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C. iOS version updates protect against security vulnerabilities and to improve usability. As the software on older iphones becomes outdated they start to slow down and apps that are designed to work with the latest releases experience problems.

Android phones aren’t as standardised as iPhones which makes it harder to work out exact limits of acceptable usage. In general you won’t be able to get security updates for an Android phone if it is over three years old. So it’s worth considering an upgrade after three years.

Broken screen

Replacing a broken screen is usually more cost effective than replacing the whole phone depending on how old the phone is. To way up the options you will need to find out the cost of repairing the screen, the cost of buying the new device and how much you can get from selling your old device.

3. How do I maximise the value of my old mobile?

The price you get for selling your phone will depend a lot on it’s condition. It’s common sense to avoid exposing your phone to dust and dirt as well as sun and rain. Also avoid opening the case unnecessarily as this can damage the internal components.

Phone cases and screen protectors

Use a phone case to reduce the amount of wear and tear as well as preventing damage should your phone get wet. Screen protectors have become less necessary with improvements in screen durability but adding a protector will help prevent scratches and dreaded shattered screens.

Extending battery life

A lot of people assume that it’s best to wait until the battery is almost out of power before recharging it and that charging in small bursts is bad for battery life. Leaving a phone plugged in once it has reached 100% charge affects the long-term life of your battery. If possible it’s best to not quite fully charge your mobile as this prolongs the battery life.

Original packaging and box

Buyers routinely pay more for phones that come with the original box and packaging. These days boxes and packaging are no longer just that, they are part of the product experience. If you are struggling to figure out how everything fits in the box, there are lots of handy unboxing videos on YouTube to help.

Unlock it

Mobile network operators lock phones to their networks when customers sign up to fixed-term contracts. Unlocking your phone will give the new owner the flexibility to choose which network option suits them best so an unlocked phone is worth more than a locked one. Some phones can be unlocked for free others need to be unlocked by an expert.